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Famed as the first luxury boutique hotel in Sri Lanka, the Elephant Corridor Hotel is located on 200 acres of natural landscape. Enforcing environmentally friendly methods the rooms are built to preserve the natural environment surrounding it. With a range of luxurious amenities and unmatched services, guests can enjoy a la carte meals, pamper themselves at the wellness spa or simply enjoy some outdoor activities.

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Located in a serene setting amidst the lush environs of the surrounding greenery, the pool area at Elephant Corridor Hotel offers guests a tranquil area to unwind and laze the hours away. The hotel's emphasis on tranquillity and serenity is encouraged at our main swimming pool as well; the pool is encircled by the woodlands and sequestered from the lobby and accommodation areas. Head to the main swimming pool for a quick dip on a warm day or simply embrace the tropical climate and soak up the sun as you stretch out on a chaise longue by the side of the pool. Sunshades are also available for guests who prefer a bit of shade.


The hotel's mini fitness center allows guests to help themselves to a full-body workout and maintain fitness regimens during their stay at the hotel.Accessible 24 hours a day, the fitness center offers a range of state-of-the-art gym equipment including treadmills, dumbbells of various weights, recumbent bikes and cross trainers that provide useful heart-rate and body fat information to ensure a controlled workout.Complimentary water bottles are available in a mini-fridge and a mini sound system also offers guests the option of listening to music while they exercise.


Refresh your spirit and rejuvenate your soul at The Elephant Corridor. Take a journey down the pathway to relaxation at Om Wellness Spa and let natural minerals replenish and soothe your skin and warm your body and soul.Surrounded by the wild, listen to the sounds of leaves rustling and birds chirping as you have an outdoor herbal bath or body massage. The quiet that envelops the spa will be a refreshing change to the hustle and bustle associated with day-to-day life. Experience absolute relaxation and complete control of your body and soul.